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Ontario’s Eye Care Crisis: Visible for All to See

Optometrists are the front-line workers of the vision care system, and their services are at the heart of screening and diagnostic services in Ontario. We are passionate and proud to deliver high quality, accessible eye care, in urban centres and rural communities across the province. Unfortunately, for more than 30 years, governments of all stripes …

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Pilot project ensures kids are ready to learn

Paisley Road Public School can now rest assured that their kindergarten students are ready to learn, due to their participation in a pilot project that  treated 52 students with an identified vision problem that might have significantly impacted their learning. With 80 per cent of classroom learning being visual, and one child in four having …

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Eye See… Eye Learn: June 30th is important. Do you know why?

The school year is ending for our students and so is the opportunity for JK children to participate in Eye See… Eye Learn. Children born in 2010 have until June 30th to see a participating optometrist. The new class gets their opportunity from July 1, 2015 until June 30, 2016. Book your child’s appointment now. …

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